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Growth Guide: Building by the Blueprint

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Are you the type of person to build or assemble something without the instructions or directions? Has there been a time when that didn’t go so well?

Read Nehemiah chapter 8. What stands out to you in this chapter about the importance of God’s Word?

What are some Bible verses that talk about how important God’s Word is?

Read Matthew 7:24. Why is it important to build your life according to God’s blueprint? What can you do to make sure you are building according to God’s Blueprint?

While the Blueprint is the Bible, the Building is Jesus Christ. The entire Bible points to Jesus. God is not building a kingdom of stones and block. He is building a Kingdom of Christ-followers. 

Read Matthew 28:18-19. All authority rests with Jesus Christ. It is His Kingdom we are to build, not our own. How does this statement from Jesus both challenge and encourage you? 

Pray - Father, may I build my life upon Your Word and nothing else. May I strive to build the kingdom of your son, Jesus Christ, and not my own. 

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Growth Guide: Encountering and Overcoming Obstacles

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Growth Guide: ( Nehemiah 2, Ezra 3:12)  " Encountering and overcoming obstacles"

1) What are some obstacles that hinder you, in pursuing , and building God's kingdom?

2) Read together (Nehemiah 1:6) Humility is the starting point of overcoming your obstacles. (Personal sin) Nehemiah humbly prayed we have sinned. Don't rush through this verse, take time to look within your own heart.

3) Another common obstacle we face, is living in the past. We can stay focused on the past and miss the present. Read together ( Ezra 3:12) Some of the church leaders missed a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the present by focusing on the good ole days. How can you make sure and stay present, and positive this week. One of my favorite names for God, "I Am" My translation the God of the present!

4) Another obstacle we face in building God's kingdom is opposition. Look at Nehemiah 2. Vs 19. Who are the Sanballat and Tobiah's that are opposing you? Pray for God's strength as you continue to stand and build.

5) Distraction and discouragement are two more obstacles we face when buiding God's kingdom. Discuss these two obstacles with your family, small group or close friend. God died for the church. He knows the importance of support and encouragement.

 MMA- Take a moment this week and connect with someone you know who needs encouragement.                                                                                               

6) Read together (Gal. 6:9-10) May you be encouraged by this truth from scripture. May you also be encouraged by our family of faith!


Lord, I'm your servant, help me to speak with boldness your word. Help me to overcome the obstacles I will face to building your kingdom. 

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