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Growth Guide: True Prayer is Relationship

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1) Discuss this quote about prayer. "If you treat prayer like a laundry or grocery list, it will be a second thought, and not a first passion." Ernie Arnold                   

 2)  Jesus did not teach his disciples how to preach but how to pray. Knowing how to speak to God is more important than knowing how to speak to man. How intimate is your prayer life right now?                                                                    

 3) Read Matthew 7:7-11 together. From these verses what stands out to you?        

 4) These verses are written in the context of a Father/ Child relationship, Have you made the all important decision to surrender your heart and life to Him and join his family?     

 5) As His child he wants us to Ask Him. The reason we prayer is always about the relationship. Intimacy is key. What are some things you are asking God to do? Remember Keep asking and it will be given to you. We must continually ask. God already knows our needs, he wants intimacy with us in prayer.

 6) Seek-  means urgently petition or crave. In what ways are you joining God in seeking answers to your prayers? Zacchaeus climbed a tree to seek Jesus.

 7) Knock- In what ways are you continually knocking at the door in prayer? The widow kept pursuing justice until she got it. 

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Growth Guide: Mistakes

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1) Read together  Matthew 7:1-6, vs 12. Do you ever find yourself pointing out other peoples mistakes? Do you tend to be critical of their choices? Has the Holy Spirit exposed any heart issues that you need to confess? 
2) Today Zack shared a quote by John Piper "If you are more concerned about other peoples sin than your own, then you have a problem." As you apply today's scripture, Have you made sure to examine your own life and deal with anything that may be hindering your relationship to God.       
3) There were 3 key truths to apply this week a. Don't judge others critically b. Judge yourself honestly c. Use good judgement. Take some time discussing these 3 core values.                                                                                                             
4) Read together John 8:1-11 Ask yourself this question Do I tend to Judge, or be like Jesus? What impact would take place in our home, community, work, and church if we made the choice to love like Him and not be so quick to Judge. May we grow more like him as we walk this journey together. Have a great week!             
Prayer: Lord, help me to be like you by showing Grace to those I am in relationship with this week.

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