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Growth Guide: By Faith Abel

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Growth Guide: Hebrews  11:4  (By Faith Abel)  


1) Read together (Genesis 4:1-8). What are your first impressions of Cain and Abel? 

2) The bible has some clear things to says about these two men. I made this statement,  By Faith Abel, By Fault Cain. Let's take a closer look at these men to see how they differ.

3) Read together ( Gen. 4:4, Matt.23:35, Heb.11:4) What does the bible have to say about Abel and his character? Abel realized the importance of putting God first. In what ways do you have respect for him as a man? In what ways does his life challenge you? Are you giving God your best?

4) By fault Cain, Read together these verses (Gen 4:5-8) How does Cain react when God tells Him to do whats right? Read together (1 John 3:12, Jude 1:11).  When the bible says don't go in the way of Cain, what do you think that means? Cain was religious but not righteous. He attended worship, but soon after killed his brother. Take a few minutes to discuss all the evil things that have been done in the name of religion. (ex: the religious killed Jesus)

5) Discuss this statement by Skip Heitzig, "God does not see worship apart from the worshipper."  God made this clear beginning with Cain and Abel. Authentic worship is God's desire. The why in our offering is just as important as the what.                                                                                                                                  6) At times all of us struggle in the ways of Cain. In what ways will you as a small group try to encourage each other in your faith?

7) By Faith Abel offered...   (God had regard for his offering) What will you offer God this week? With God's help may it be your best!!

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Growth Guide: Abraham's Faithfulness

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Growth Guide: Hebrews  11:1, 8-10, 17-19  


1) Read together (Hebrews 11:1,8-10,17-19).  Discuss Abraham and his faith. What challenges you the most about Him? 

2) Describe a time when you had an Abraham moment. How did it stretch and strenghten your faith?

3) Zack shared this statement today about faith, " Faith goes where you don't know." In what ways did Abraham live this? 

4) Zack also shared this statement. "Faith looks forward to what you can't see." How is your faith vision? Are you seeing with God's eyes? What does forward look  like to you?

5)What are you doing right now that requires faith? What is Community Heights doing right now that requires faith? Without faith it is impossible to please God. May we have faith that pleases Him.



Lord, Please help me to trust in you. Please increase my faith as I look to you for my strength. 

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