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Growth Guide: Worship the King of Kings

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Growth Guide:  Worship The King of Kings


1) Take a few minutes to think about the Glory and splendor of our God. Please do not rush through this, pause and think about his Majesty. Enjoy Him with Awe and wonder.

2) Read together  (1 Chronicles 16:8-12, 23-36).  Discuss one characteristic of God that makes you pause in reverence to Him.

3) Read Psalm 145 together. Take some more time meditating on His Majesty. Enjoy King God Almighty! What are you feeling right now about the Greatness of our God?

4) Think about Jesus. Think about His great love towards you. Think about the love he displayed for you on the cross. Think about the sacrifice he made for you and for mankind. He gave his all, His body and  His blood. Think about the amazing time we had together Sunday observing in reverence communion.



This week start your day by taking a few minutes to worship him. Don't start by asking, start by exalting.

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Growth Guide: Born Again

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Growth Guide: (John 3:3) ( Acts 2:41-47)                                                                                                                                              1) Read together John 3:3. Discuss the story of Nicodemus. Why did Jesus tell him that a man must be born again to enter into heaven? Nicodemus was a bible scholar, and yet he did not understand this important life changing truth. Today I want you to think more closely about your relationship to Jesus. Do you know Him personally? If you do, then He commands you to follow Him. Knowing Him personally is the first step in your journey to following Him. At Community Heights we have developed a process we call the "Discipleship journey"  This is a simple tool we use to help us grow in our relationship to God.                                                                                                                                                       2) Read together Acts 2:41-47. What are some main points that you see in these verses? These verses are written specifically to Followers of Jesus.  Discuss the "Discipleship Journey" and how these verses relate to this process.                                                                                        GATHERING-  (Sunday morning worship)  A time to be encouraged and equipped.                                            GROW-  (Maturity) small groups, deepening relationships (Koinonia)                                                                Give- (Time, talent, treasure)  serving, using your ability and resources for Him.                                                    Go- The mission of sharing Jesus everywhere. At home and abroad. Who's your one? Please note all of these words are verbs (describing an action)                                                                        

3) Jesus was constantly moving and walking. He was also always in the moment. Where are you right now  in your relationship with Him? Are you actively involved in all four steps in the Discipleship Journey? If not, why?

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