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DTR: Transformed In My Work

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Most people spend the majority of their lives in the workplace. As Zack shared today there are 4 key ideas we need to remember as we begin our work day.                                                                                               

 - I work for the Lord -   (Col. 3:23)  Work as unto the Lord and not for man. God is our boss and is always interested in us doing our best. Christians ought to be the best workers in their company. Our influence at work will either bring glory or shame to God. As people see our work ethic it should draw them

I must strive for excellence-  (Col 3;22) God is watching you while you work. Strive to please him. Matt.5;41 when you are asked to go the extra mile, go for two. If we strive to be excellent our co-workers and bosses will see it is God's strength working in you.                           

  - I must maintain integrity-  (Prov.21:3) Doing what is right pleases God more than sacrifice. How we behave at work is a refection of our relationship with God. How we behave in public should be the same as we behave in private. That's integrity. 

   I must see my work as a mission field  (Matt. 9:37 )  The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. As you display an excellent work habit, share the good news with those you work with.                                                                               
In Christ,

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