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Growth Guide: By Faith Noah

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Growth Guide: Hebrews 11 (By Faith Noah)                                  

1) Read together (Gen. 6:5-13) What is one thing that sticks out to you from these verses?

2) Read together ( Psalm 25:14, 33:18-19, Prov. 16:6) Noah walked with God. He had a beautiful frienship with God. In Gen. chapter 6-9, God did the talking while Noah did the listening. What can we learn from his example?

3) Read together (Gen 7:1) One man stood out! He had nothing to go on but the word of God! This was exactly what he needed. Does it ever feel like you're the only one who has faith at work?

4) Read together ( Gen. 6:14,22) Take some time to share your heart concerning this quote,   "God has an ark for you to build" What has God placed on your heart? Remember Noah's act of faith is the longest act of obedience recorded in scripture. 120 years or 43,800 days. Great things take time. They also come at a high price.

5) God used Noah as a pioneer in the ship building industry. God is always doing new things to accomplish His purposes. CHC will be pursuing God's vision and plans for our future. Prayer for Zack as he leads us!!                                             

6) Noah was an example of faith in action! He also was a preacher. (2 Peter 2:5.) I believe he worked during the day and preached at night. We as a nation are headed for judgement. We must warn those in our circle of influence.

7) Noah's faith saved his family! Read together (Gen. 9:1) In this verse God is speaking to His family. Noah passed on his faith to them. In what ways can you make sure to pass on your faith?


Lord, By faith I will trust you. With your help I will live in the present! Help me to build the Ark you have placed on my heart. Help me to work along side my CHC family to accomplish your plans and purposes for your church. 

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