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Growth Guide: By Faith Rahab

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Growth Guide: Hebrews 11 (By Faith Rahab)

1) Read together (Romans 1:18-19, Deut. 9:5) The Hopeless, (Jericho) Who do you know that seems hopeless that you could minister to?
2) Read together Joshua 2. The town of Jericho would soon be destroyed and many would face eternity without God. Think of one person you know that you can try to rescue and give hope. How can your small group encourage one another to reach out in the community?
3) Rahab went from being known as the harlot to being a Heroine. In what ways do you admire her courage and faith? What risk did she take in asking to save her family? The history she had with men, do you think it was difficult to trust the two spies?
4) Discuss this quote "Faith is belief plus unbelief, an acting on the belief part.
5) Rahab was a great example of having faith, How do you think she struggled in being faithful?
6) Read together ( Matt.1:5) Rahab was included in the lineage of Jesus. She was David's great great grandmother. How does this encourage you?
7) Alonda Tanner stated " The identity we have in Him transcends the broken person we were before Him" When you struggle this week think about this statement. Think about God's love for Rahab and His love for you!!

Lord, By faith I will trust you. With your help I will let go of my past. With your help I will live in the present! Help me not to allow my past to keep me from moving forward into the future.

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