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Growth Guide: Enoch

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Growth Guide: Hebrews 11 (By Faith Enoch)                                                

1) Read together (Hebrews 11:5-6, Gen.5:21-24). What does it mean to walk with God? Do you think that when Enoch became a parent of Methuselah that this was his Aha moment! If you are a parent, in what ways did having children affect  your relationship with God?

2)  Think about this phrase: "Be with God"  Read together (Amos 3:3, Jer. 29:13, Ps.119:105) In what ways are you taking time to consistently be with God? How can you encourage one another in your walk with God?

3) Think about this phrase: "Stay with God"  Read together (Deut.5:32-33, Prov.4:26-27) In what way do these verses help us to continue walking with God?

4) Think about this phrase: "Never give up" Read together (Micah 7:7-8, Ps 37:23-24) How important is it to have a Don't give up mentality in your walk with God? How important is it in helping others?

5) Walking with God is a journey. At times you will be strong and enjoying a walk on the mountain top. At other times you will walk in deep valleys and struggle. One of the most important things you can do is to keep a strong relationship with God and other followers of Jesus. May we walk  together with Him  and  have faith that  pleases our God!                                                         


Lord, By faith I will trust you. Help me to prioritize a vibrant walk with you. Help me also prioritize having a vibrant walk with others.

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