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Growth Guide: Legacy

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1)  Read together Hebrews (11:8-10, 17-22) Think about this catch phrase, "Family Legacy." Today In Hebrews we were challenged to think about future generations. Take some time today to talk about your Family. Was it a good spiritual legacy ? If not, what are some things you will do to start your own discipleship journey(Legacy)?    

2) Issac learned by the example of his dad what real faith is. He saw it demonstrated that God is in control.. How can we pass God's sovereignty on to the next generation?
3) Jacob prioritized the importance of worship, In what ways are you making sure to pass on the value of true worship?
4) Think about the story of Joseph. He always was an optimist! In every obstacle or set back he remembered His God. How can we pass on this hope for future generations?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    
Prayer:  Psalm 115; 14-15 May the Lord give you increase to you and your children!!
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