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Growth Guide: The Heart of the Matter

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Jesus would routinely emphasize the importance of the heart. In Matthew 5 this was His core teaching. As we studied today, Jesus once again stresses this key point. In chapter 6 he begins to clearly show the difference between duty and delight. God wants your heart, not your sacrifice. In verse 4, he shares that we should do things for God in secret. His point is that when we do things for God's glory and not for ourselves we will be rewarded. The church culture in His day was all about outward appearance. It was about rules in place of relationships! Jesus brought it back to what God intended. This was so different from what they had been taught. Our faith is all about the heart! Last week we were challenged to do a heart checkup. This in reality is something we need to do daily. Here are a few verses to meditate on. Matthew 6:18 Whatever you do in secret for God and for others He will reward you. Have you made this week about giving God glory and not yourself? Proverbs 20:27  God values a person's heart. Is there anything that you need to confess and make right with God? Jeremiah 17:10 God tests the heart. 1 Samuel 16:7 God sees the heart while  men focus on appearance. Last verse to ponder. Psalm 25:14 God reveals his secrets to those who are close to Him. May this help you Grow in your intimacy with Him.                                           
In Christ,                                                                                                                     

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