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Services are cancelled this Sunday, 1/16/2022 due to weather conditions. 

A Sunday devotional message from Pastor Zack is posted below so that you can spend time with the Lord at home.

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A devotional message from Pastor Zack

Good morning CHC, I hope everyone is safe and warm today. Since we are not gathering in person today, I want us to gather “remotely” and spend some time with the Lord today. 


Last week we started a series called Dangerous Prayers. When I started thinking about my own prayer life, I realized that my prayers were simple, routine, and ordinary. That needed to change. Maybe it needs to change with you as well. Your prayers matter. How you pray matters. What you pray matters.


The truth is (like me) so many Christians are playing it way too safe when it comes to prayer. If you want to have a breakthrough in 2022, then maybe a good place to start would be a breakthrough in your prayer life. 


This series is based on the Dangerous Prayers book written by Craig Groeschel. This resource assembles some of the most challenging prayers recorded in Scripture. Throughout this series we will look at a few of these prayers that can not only change your prayer life but your whole life. 


Let’s get started…. 


The dangerous prayer I want you to look at today (and hopefully start praying today) comes from David. It is a prayer that is honest, humble, and from the heart. And it’s a prayer that we rarely pray (for some, never). But it’s a prayer that we NEED to pray. 


Psalm 139:23-24… 23 Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. 24 Point out anything in me that offends you, and lead me along the path of everlasting life. NLT


Be honest. After reading this prayer, how do you feel? How many times have you prayed something like David’s prayer? I know for me this was really convicting and challenging. 


We don’t usually pray this way. Usually, we ask God for things. We ask God to do things for us and in our lives and circumstances.


Here, however, instead of asking God to do something FOR him, David asks God to do something IN him. That’s so different and it’s so dangerous!


Let’s look at David’s prayer more closely. There are 4 things that David prays in this one prayer:


1. “Search my heart”


The first part of David’s prayer was “search me God, search my heart”. 


Powerful prayer is honest prayer. And David was humble and wise enough to realize that even a “man after God’s own heart” needed to pay attention to his own heart.


Many people think “well really deep down I’m good”. Or people think “I have a good heart for the most part”. 


The problem with that is its simply not true. Not according to God’s standards anyway. The Bible tells us that deep down, the heart of every single person is NOT good. (Jeremiah 17:9). 


This means we are prone to sin. Our hearts are susceptible to drift from God. As a matter of fact, most of the time when we pray our head may be in the right place, but our heart is not. Isaiah 29:13 says, “These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me”.


Praying “God search my heart” changes all of that. It gives God permission to peer into your heart (even though he sees it anyway). But the point is for him to search your heart so that he can reveal it to you. Because when you ask God to search your heart, he will, but he will also show it to you. 


Why is that important? Deep down inside of you there may be things holding you back from becoming who God wants you to be. By praying for God to search your heart, you are inviting God to bring change to your life, starting with you. 


Which leads us to the next part of David’s prayer……


2. “Uncover my fears”


After David prayed search my heart, he prayed “test me and know my anxious thoughts”. Essentially what David was praying is “God uncover my fears”; “uncover my worries”.


What things are you afraid of? What causes you stress and anxiety? What do you find yourself constantly worrying about?


You see, this is so important because many times the areas where fear and anxiety are most often present are most often the areas where we trust God the least. 


David knew this. As David was praying this prayer, his enemies were after him. They were doing their best to discredit him by destroying his reputation. 


What was David afraid of? It could have been several things: physical harm or death, being discredited and having a bad reputation, or even just failure in general.


The point is the things you fear and the things you worry about can make your life miserable and can keep you from living for God. David had the courage to ask God to uncover or expose his fears. 


The reality is some fears and worries can be difficult for you to realize, admit, or even understand. In other words, you may not even know exactly why you are afraid or why you have anxiety. 


Praying this prayer not only uncovers your fear, but it gets God involved in the process. For David to move forward, he had to open his heart to God, and then ask God to help him deal with his fears. 


The next part of David’s prayer is even more difficult to pray….


3. “Reveal my sin”


David prayed “point out to me anything that offends you”. Wow! When was the last time you prayed that?


Why is this prayer so difficult to pray? Because it is being completely open and brutally honest with God - and yourself. 


Many times, we are so quick to point out the sins of others. We are so prone to pray for the things that are wrong in the world and not even think about the wrong in our hearts. 


The truth is we all sin. David sinned. And God knows all about it. He knows the dangers of sin for your life. He knows what sin can do. He knows the consequences of sin. 


But God also knows the remedy for sin. He sent his Son Jesus Christ to save people from sin. Our sin has been dealt with forever through the blood of Jesus. 


The question for you is, why would you want sin to remain unchecked and hidden in your heart? 


As uncomfortable as asking God to reveal your sin to you sounds, it is actually very good for you. It’s what God wants you to do because he wants good for you and to do good through you. 


Which leads us to the last part of David’s prayer….


4. “Lead me”


I’m not going to spend much time here. This is something we know. I believe this is something we even pray many times. But do we really mean it? Do we really step into it? Do we really ever LET God lead?


David’s prayer stood out to me. Even though David was a mighty man, a king, a leader of leaders, he knew that if he was going to succeed in life, he needed the Lord to lead him. 


We allow many things to influence our lives. However, beneath it all is the truth that almost all of us are tempted to run our own lives. We want to be in charge. We want to be in control. 


It’s very dangerous to pray “God lead me”. “You take charge”. “You’re in control”. “I’m following your lead”. It’s even more dangerous to let it happen, to let God lead. 


There were times in David’s life when he did things his own way. And it didn’t go good for him. The same goes for you and me. When we lead our own lives, it never works out good. But when we let a good God lead us, he leads us to a good life.  


You see, you may be giving up control. You may be giving up being the boss of your life. You may be taking the back seat. But here’s the truth, following God’s lead will ultimately lead you to a better life



In Closing….


A couple of weeks ago I said, “maybe before God breaks through in your life he wants to break into your heart”. I want you to consider this…could it be the biggest breakthrough you need right now is “in you”?


I want to ask you to do something dangerous. I want you to pray David’s dangerous prayer. Not just once, but every day this week. And just see what God does “in you” over the next few days. 


“God search my heart, uncover my fears, reveal my sin, and lead me”.